Increase your turnover with yard cups:
Automatic profit acceleration by using colourful design cups

Our multi-use yard cups enable you to augment your profit effortlessly. EmK’s design cups have a bigger capacity than traditional drinking vessels and – as a result – boost the per capita turnover automatically. Long absent, soon forgotten? That idiom does not apply to EmK‘s yard cups! By selling your costumers refillable yarders, they will very likely come back to your stall to have their yarders refilled fee-based. According to our experience, that will improve your cost-oriented calculation considerably as 1 out of 4 yard cups will be refilled after they have been sold.

Maximize your profit with a convincing incentive to buy

Cheerful colours and jolly subjects are particularly popular with children, especially as vessels for soft drinks and slush. That eye-catching „must-have“ feature will affect your sales positively as kids likely will badger their parents to buy them one of the colourful cups successfully. And their parents will kill two birds with one stone: Due to the yarder’s size and refill-feature the kids will drink sufficiently in the future. Moreover, they gain a new toy.

How cool is that? Increase the sales at your street festival or public-viewing event by using extra-large cups

Even adults feel like a child again when using EmK’s yard cups. That applies especially to public viewing venues where the clientele of your open air stalls will expand automatically as the word-of-mouth advertising slogan is to be taken literally.

As event caterer you will benefit particularly strong from the Full-size Yarder‘s remarkable height. Another commercial success is our „Soccer“ yarder with an impressive capacity of 1 litre, a feature which enables you to duplicate your per capita turnover as the volume is so much bigger than conventional drinking vessels.