Protect the environment by using deposit free reusable yard cups

Did you know that in a city like Berlin 7.5 million takeaway drinking vessels end up as trash every day? Only minutes after being bought the coffee to go cups turn into garbage. By throwing the cups away, the buyers do not only get rid of their environmental remorse but also discard money – since they paid for the drink AND the cup. By using yard cups, you make a major contribution to environmental protection and in addition to that you create an attractive selling point. According to our experience 1 out of 4 costumers takes advantage of having their yard cups refilled. You as a salesman can save many packaging costs long term, improve your calculation and encourage your guests to refill their cups. Beyond that, costumers tend to use the yard cups at home very often for several years.

Effortless and reusable no-deposit cups

You may know the expenditure of collecting returnable bottles and returning them to stores and supermarkets. As soon as you expand your range by yard cups, you will avoid that effort. Another advantage: You do not have to take any deposit into account. Without deposit the retail price will not be artificially pushed upwards and by that your costumer’s disposition to buy will increase automatically.