Party popper, gift wrapper and much more:
Yard cup’s various range of application

Yard cups are not only available in various and cheerful designs, they are suitable for countless gastronomical purposes. They can be filled individually with slush, soft drinks such as coke, alcoholic beverage and cocktails. Simply put: „Yard cups – you cannot do any better!“ At this point, we would like to inspire you how to use our yard cup design vessels to increase your turnover.

Our recommendation: Serve your soft drinks in yard cups

By serving coke, soda and other beverages in yard cups, you will prospectively increase your sales perceptibly. Due to its larger size in comparison to e.g. tumblers, you can fill up larger quantities, which warrants a higher retail price and thereby boosts your per capita turnover and profit automatically.

You also should keep in mind that the colour- and cheerful designs itself will nurture your costumer’s readiness to buy significantly.

You can boost the mentioned effect even more by using company-related on-topic yard cups. There is no limit to thinkable themes and our creativity: Heart-shaped yard cups for cinemas, night clubs and funfairs, lighthouse cups for catering in coastal areas, our corncob shape cup for maize maze or teddy bear style yarders for kid’s areas and adventure parks.

You will stand out from your competitors, especially when you place an order with EmK in Katlenburg and hence let us create your custom-made yard cup. Your individuality will cost you only a few cents per item.

Lust auf einen Yardcup?

Yard cups for slush: A refreshingly cheerful design and an ice-cold filling

The majority of our distributed yard cups can be filled with a huge variety of „Cool Freeze Slush“, made by EmK. Then, two marvellous experiences join up. Our colourful and diversely flavoured slushes arouse your costumer’s attention alone. Filling those slushes into our effective cups will even intensify that effect much to your guest’s delight. Refreshing content meets feisty design.

Multi-way yard cups for your party: Our cocktail yarders rock your event

A vibrant atmosphere, perfect weather, a palm-shaped and cocktail-filled yard cup in your hand: That is the epitome of a well-made celebration. Due to their cheerful and remarkable designs, yard cups raise every party’s ambience. You host a cocktail party? We recommend our palm- or pineapple-shaped cocktail yarder, as both models are appropriate for any theme party. The reusable cups can be refilled over and over. Furthermore, they can be closed up with a lid, which simplifies the handling, especially for guests who like to take a sip on the dancefloor.

Convenience meets coolness: The „Full-size Yard Cup“ – nearly 40 inches of party fun to take away and to hang round your guest’s neck. These yard cups should not be missing at any party!

Soccer as a team sports is great fun to watch in sports-mad company. Get out of your house and join the spectators at public viewing venues such as fan parks and whoop your team contesting the victory. Become the perfectly equipped fan with a little help of EmK‘s „Soccer Yarder“ and „Nation Yardcup“.

The other way to use yard cups or did you ever „drink“ snake-shaped fruit gum?

Filling yard cups with conventional liquids is just one out of many thinkable applications. Our design cups are perfectly suited as gift wrappers for little treats or as fancy serving jar, which can be filled with candy, fruit gum or other sweets – a much loved idea, not only for children’s birthday parties.

Amaze your regular guests by wrapping your company’s key item (e.g. meatballs) in our yard cups as an anniversary present. Yard cups by EmK support your creativity. Your costumer’s preferences? We have the product that will delight your guest.

Yard cups by EmK: vessel features at a glance:

  • Yard cups are designer cups, fancy drinking vessels and smart multi way caps
  • Yard cups can be filled with soft drinks, beer, slush, cocktails and many other beverages
  • Yard cups catch people’s eyes
  • Yard cups boost your sales
  • Yard cups can be produced in compliance with your wishes, exclusively custom-made by EmK
  • Yard cups are budget-friendly