Your very personal yarder:
EmK’s custom-made yard cups

If you looked around our product range, you surely discovered several great designs that might be suitable for your business purpose. Beside these regular models we would like to introduce you to a very interesting option: To have your custom-made yard cup created and produced by us.

A custom-made vessel forms a tight connection to your company. Our individualized yard cups enable you as merchandising or F&B executive to set yourself apart from your competitors. Custom-made yard cups can also support the commercialization of your leisure park’s latest attraction and it can reflect the proximity to a tourist attraction.

A branded yard cup creates a high memorability and thereby qualifies as a perfect marketing tool.

An example

As your concession stall is located right beside the Colosseum in Rome, you have had created your vessels shaped like that famous tourist attraction. Anyone who sees one of your customers stroll through Rome’s streets with your yard cup, quite likely realizes where to buy such a vessel. In short, by using personalized yard cups, you arouse attraction and additional advertising for your business.

Your yard cup design – individual and affordable

From idea to product: The development and production run faster, smoother and more cost-effective than you would expect.

You send us a sample item from your product range or a one- or two-dimensional sketch of your requested yard cup, which illustrates how you envision your individual yard cup.

We transform your ideas into a draft and afterwards into a 3D technical drawing.

The costliest working step is the fabrication of a mould. But as we managed to implement a specific mode of production, the individuality of your yard cups will generate only little incremental costs.

Your cups will be produced at our cooperation partner’s manufacturing facility with the result that you will – within only a few weeks – satisfy any demand for your custom-made yard cup.

Strictly speaking, almost every shape is thinkable, so that we can fulfil most customer wishes. As long as static and technical requirements are warranted during production, there is hardly any considerable limitation regarding your yard cup’s shape or colour.

We are looking forward to submitting you a precisely fitting offer.

– Bert Schumann, Geschäftsführer