Manufacturing yard cups at EmK.

As a vital principle of our company philosophy, we only roll out yard cups that thrill us entirely. That passion stimulates the interest of our clients that are very often happy to be involved in the cup’s creative development process.

Once the initial idea has turned into a concrete mould, we manufacture a large number of items. The actual production of our yard cups will be executed by long-term cooperation partners. Thanks to the large number of pieces, a new yard cup model is unlikely to be sold out after it debuts. In other words, we play it safe, warrant the supply and thereby can pass on savings to our costumer.

An example from real life:
Our pineapple yard cup

An example from real life: Our pineapple yard cup

Despite our long pedigree in development and production of yard cups we never stop to learn something new. When we introduced our new product, the pineapple yard cup, in 2015, we were convinced of a substantial market demand. Considering the huge production volume, we were surprised how fast that model had sold out. As the demands exceeded all expectations and as the production lasts up to 8 weeks, difficulties in delivery occurred. To prevent possible delays hereafter, we improved our market analysis instruments.

Remorseless pleasure: yard cups – Tested and approved according to EmK’s quality guidelines

Your guests will be pleased to drink varied beverages such as cocktails, soft drinks, slush or Jizzle! out of our yard cups. Thanks to our EmK quality guidelines your customers and their children can use the yard cups as drinking vessels without hesitation.

All EmK yard cups are tagged with a food certification mark. So, your guests can be sure that the employed materials are credible.

Furthermore, and with an eye towards our little customers, we pay attention to avoid sharp edges in order to eliminate any risk of injury. We include these considerations already while developing the yard cup’s designs. After production, every yard cup gets individually wrapped and parcelled. Thereby, we limit the packaging size to 50 items per box to ensure a simple handling.

Yard cups by EmK – budget friendly and safe!