Yard cups as a unique selling point:
How to obtain our cool drinking vessels?

Amongst the various marketing rules there is one, which is particularly important for catering and event managing companies: Be on everyone’s lips! So, stand out from your competitors! Afford your costumers an extraordinary experience! Reach these goals soon by serving your beverage with the aid of our EmK’s yard cups.

1 Your competitors are still using paper cups or tumblers to serve beverages

By using yard cups you set yourself apart from your trade rivals. There are several possible applications: You can fill the multi-use cups with EmK‘s Cool Freeze Slush or serve popular beverage such as Coke or cocktails. Even adults appreciate the cheerful designs and like to be seen with the iconic cups. You can choose from different cup designs, depending on your location and your business model. Do you prefer the fruity pineapple design or rather animal-themed vessels like our dinosaur yard cup? Or are the full size yard cup or Soccer extra-large Yard cup preferably suited for your business?

2 The „Where did you get that“- Effect: Enhance your value of brand recognition

It is evident that everyone holding a yard cup is causing attention. Curious passers-by very likely will ask about where to buy the colourful and iconic cups. So every costumer becomes your advertiser by using your cups. Yard cups bring your company up for discussion! You can even increase this effect by ordering custom-made drinking vessels, e.g. using your company’s logo. The EmK-Team will produce your individual yard cups – and you will feel the effect, as everyone knows where to buy your trendy yard cup.

3 Your very individual yard cup made by EmK

EmK offers you the opportunity to manufacture your individual yard cup design and yard cup shape. Our team of professionals (designers, digital artists and producers) ensures a rapid and budget-friendly custom-made production of your yard cup, causing just a little surcharge. Or let us produce a new trademark cup every year to offer your regular costumers an additional incentive to buy.

All development expenses for your individual cup design simply will be redistributed to each cup‘s value. By pursuing that procedure, we can easily substantiate your company’s cup project. It will take only a few weeks to technically implement your order and to submit your individual yard cups. If you require any further information, especially about the process of production, please feel free to contact our team.