Cooperation and distribution partner: Collaborate successfully with EmK!

EmK’s costumers are successful costumers. To ensure that guideline, we supply our clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland reliably and instantaneously with our yard cups.

But we have a vision: We want to find regional representatives for every destination area who can present our yard cups to potential costumers face-to-face and who are approachable in the case of further questions. Our cooperation partners can expect valuable considerations for implementing our high service demands locally.

Our proposition for cooperation partners:

Exclusivity and territorial protection for yard cups

You do not need to apprehend any business competition within your sales area. We promise you to maintain an exclusive sales district.

Specific assistance in merchandising our yard cups at your destination

Our distribution partner can expect a specific support in order to merchandise EmK’s yard cups optimally on-site. As a result, you will boost your sales and extend your range of customers considerably.

Custom-build yard cups

As an exclusive EmK cooperation partner, we will endow you with a crucial selling point: We provide our customers with custom-made designs and personalized yard cups, which enable our sales partners to amplify their costumer’s requirements.

Various sales displays for every yard cup

We are glad to provide you with extensive marketing collaterals such as photo material, domain references of satisfied customers and support with your website design.

Vernacular contact partner

As a prospective distributer, we will set a contact person in your own language to your side.

…and here are some more arguments that show how attractive a collaboration with EmK will be.

By selling EmK’s yard cups, you will distribute a product with an outstanding market acceptance, a huge target group and many individual marketing options. As an experienced company, we provide you with comprehensive competence, high quality standards, product safety and an impeccable communication and sales support. Furthermore, we stand out due to our production velocity and our attractive pricing, which contribute greatly to our own commercial success and the great performance of our retailing partners.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss a cooperation!