Developing yard cups:
How a yard cup comes to life!

Every good product, such as our yard cup, starts with an equally good idea. And we can substantiate many possible visions: What about creating a yard cup for two or a “Dino” yard cup for little dinosaur fans? Your F&B manager tries to exploit a new source of revenue or he needs to accomplish administrative restrictions by launching multi-use vessels?

Wünschen Sie sich einen eigenen Yardcup? Lassen Sie uns Sprechen!


Once implemented, we transfer your idea into a first draft. That creative task involves the complete development team at EmK’s headquarters in Katlenburg. That stage of production is only finalized after a test group with various sample characteristics such as age and socio-economic background appreciate the draft. Then, this first 3D view of the new yard cup will be transformed into a machine-parsable encoding. Based on these data we produce the mould for the cup production.

It happens very often that our customers want to know if we can produce any thinkable yard cup shape. But even the greatest innovation has technical limits regarding fillets and elbows. Nonetheless, to come close to your vision at the best, we engage energetically and stand close to your side during the entire process of production.