A little history of yard cups

Yard – Yard of Ale – Yard Cup: that’s how one could summarize the genesis of yard cups. Now firmly established in event gastronomy, yard cups look back on an eventful history, which shall be recalled below.

Yard cups: From a measure of length to the popular drinking vessel

You might remember from math classes that a yard is an English unit of length that equates 914 millimetres. That measure acted as the model for the Yard-of-Ales, that, down to the present day, can primarily be found at every British party venue. These tall drinking vessels of glass are exactly 1-yard-long and have a capacity of up to 2,27 litres. The glass bottom is spherically shaped so that it can only be set aside by the use of a special holder.

Historically, the yard cup dates back to the 17th century, when such vessels were particularly used for festivities in aristocratic circles. Later on, pub landlords realized how profitable these well-filled cups are, as the profit could be increased significantly with only one sold yarder. Furthermore, Yard-of-Ales are popular accessoires at drinking competitions to date. So it is one of the hugest challenges to drain a yard of ale without spilling the beverage.

21st century’s yard cups: Character cups for slush, cocktails and soft drinks

Today’s yard cup resembles its historical role model only regarding the name and the longish shape. EmK ’s newly developed yard cups are manufactured in a large number of different exciting character designs, that can be filled for instance with EmK‘s “Cool Freeze Slush“, cocktails and soft drinks and thereby enhances the sales of catering companies, festivals, leisure parks and market stalls.

But to think that 21st century’s yard cups can only be filled with beverages is a wrong conclusion as the popular multi-way cups can also serve as gift wrapper, as gift itself, or they can be used as table decoration and much more.

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