EmK’s yard cups
for your business

Reusable cups with cheerful designs


EmK’s yard cups for your business

Reusable cups with cheerful designs


EmK’s yard cups
for your business

Mehrwegbecher in fröhlichen Designs

increased sales

Individual and
exclusive by EmK

Highly versatile

Yard cups are reusable cups which can be filled with slush, alcoholic beverages, cocktails and soft drinks. Specially designed yard cups achieve a high level of attention and enable you to sell more content compared to conventional drinking beakers. Another key feature is the Yard Cup’s reusability. You can calculate much better with the yard cups due to the larger quantities and sell drinks more efficiently. Children as well as adults like to be seen with the eye-catching topic cups.

Yardcup motives
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Yard cups by EmK – make the world a bit more colourful!

Yard Cups for slush, alcoholic beverage and soft drinks with extra-large filling

Yard Cups are perfectly suitable for EmK’s Cool Freeze Slush. You can find a variety of slush syrups for your own slush production within our product range. The yard cups can also be used as sports event topic beakers, e.g. for beer in a football design or as cocktail yarders. The synthetic cups are also suitable to boost significantly the soft drink sales (e.g. Coke) at your refreshment stalls. So, the yard cup does not only convince with their exceptional design. The fill quantities are larger and contribute to a higher turnover, so that Yard Cups in XXL sizes from 1 liter are getting more and more popular and are particularly successful in the event catering business.

Themed Yard Cups: Generate more attention for your event or catering sector with our character Yard Cups

EmK provides you with topical yard cups suiting your thematic preferences. You can order, for instance, sensibly priced custom yard cups shaped like a dinosaur for your dinosaur parks or corn shaped cups for your corn maze. Our range offers you also pineapple or palm shaped Yard cups, which are particularly suitable for refresment stalls in resort areas, clubs and hotels. All reusable cups can be purchased directly from EmK in Katlenburg at a very reasonable price. Your benefit? It’s simple:

  • Order
  • Fill – with Cool Freeze Slush, soft drinks, cocktails or other beverages
  • Increase your sales – instantly

Your unique selling point:

Merchandise with reusable yard cups

While your competitor still serves beverages in conventional beakers, your costumers will enjoy cool yard cups and besides that, they advertise for you. Get your custom-made yard cup! We can provide the yard cups with your company’s logo or develop and produce individually topic-related slushes and yard cups exclusively for you.

Last but not least: yard cups by EmK – different and outstanding

Yard cups by EmK can also be used as a fancy gift wrapper for sweets and other little treats. Yard cups also serve as a popular gift packaging and are always well received. Furthermore, yard cups can be used for decorative purpose.